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Kingdom Hearts 3D Meow Wow Plush

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Meet Meow Wow: one of the Dream Eaters who lives in the Realm of Sleep. Dream Eaters have one main function, which is what you might expect given their name. Nightmares are darker Eaters who devour the good dreams, and leave bad ones in their wake. Spirits, the good ones, eat the nightmares. The Nightmares make up the bulk of enemies your kids will face while playing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for their 3DS. Meow Wow is the first of the Dream Eaters your kids will encounter, and he makes for an excellent companion during their adventure.

I won’t spoil anything from the game here, so let’s focus on what makes Meow Wow the most adorable plush ever. First, he is a cross between a cat and a dog, retaining the cuddly-ness of both at once, making it cute as all get out. Second, all of Meow Wow’s features are adorably round; this is crucial, because round things are always the cutest. Just look at that round face and its stubby little legs! Lastly, he is in Spirit form; so when your kids are holding the toy close at night, they can sleep soundly knowing that Meow Wow is there to eat all their bad dreams.

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