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Kingdom Hearts II Magna

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The much beloved RPG, Kingdom Hearts, has been translated into a manga for your young book-loving gamers. The story is markedly similar to that found the Kingdom Hearts game, following the adventures (and misadventures) of Sora as he explores his bizarre dreams.

Popular Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse and Goofy, appear throughout the tale and will easily appeal to younger readers. Two words of warning, however: the story is almost literally the same one found in the game, so your children shouldn’t really be expecting any surprises if they have already played through the RPG; also, this is a manga, meaning that readers are expected to read the book just as a good, Japanese manga-loving schoolboy would – back to front.

Depending on how young your gamers are, this might be a slightly off-putting aspect of the work. If they’ve just learned to read, suddenly switching things up and gathering the story backwards might be a bit much. Still, the artwork is beautiful and true to the game, and, if your children haven’t already finished the console version, the story should hold them enthralled for the full duration. This book is only part one of a multi-volume series.

This is my favorite level from the Kingdom Hearts series. I wish we could get a new HD release.

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