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Kingdom Hearts Shadow Plush

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There have been many spin-offs of the Kingdom Hearts series, even before we gear up for the third game in the trilogy. Every one of these introduced new layers to the game, in the form of an ever-increasing compendium of monsters. Some are loosely based on the original foes, but many others have trudged off the beaten path to utter weirdness. Even though the series may have forgotten its roots along the way, some of us still fondly remember the creatures that first stole us away into the Kingdom Hearts universe: the Shadows. These Heartless, even if they were the grunts of the first game, stole our hearts with their adorable little dark form. Now your kids can take one of the Shadows home with them.

Can you believe it’s been eleven years since the original game was released? That means your kids might be playing one of the new games in the series (likely on their DS or 3DS), and have no idea where the series first began. If that’s the case, something needs to be fixed. Get a jump start with this cute Shadow Plush, and when they’re hooked on how cool the Heartless are, bust out that PS2 and start the history lesson. We can’t have the guys with X in their names win, right?


  1. Jen

    have been a fan of this series since the beginning, love Kingdom Hearts! Mine are still too young for video games, but not a plush toy…

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