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Kirby Right Back at Ya! Vol. 1

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Kirby is just about the cutest character to ever come out of Nintendo. It’s likely your kids are familiar with Kirby, he recently had his 20th anniversary, where a collection of all the best Kirby titles were packed into one game. Kirby also has more than a few games on the Nintendo DS, which is a mainstay of gaming for nerdlings. I grew up with Kirby myself, but the pink guy has been around for so long, that he’s primed to deliver another slew of great games to our kids as well.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya’ was one of a few different cartoon tie-ins. Right Back at Ya’ was the 2002 installment, and it was a pretty cute little cartoon. Each episode saw Kirby helping his friends stop the Machinations of King Dedede (an evil penguin overlord), and save Dreamworld from all sorts of adorable adversaries. Even if your kids haven’t played the games, they’ll enjoy these Kirby cartoons due to the lovable characters and entertaining quests that Kirby and his friends embark on. Then, if they like Kirby and his friends, they’ll likely want to pick up the games to go with them. Might I suggest Kirby Super Star as a great first entry into the series?

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