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KISS Rock ‘n’ Roll Bib

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As scary as it was the first time we saw KISS sans makeup, an even scarier moment (if there is such a thing) is a baby who enjoys throwing butternut squash and dousing themselves in ketchup without the number one tool that effectively guards against food-related fiascos. Without these, newer parents who dine with their spawn in a restaurant might become scarred from the repercussions faced when they sadly discover that what they left at home is now the job of flimsy, 2-ply napkins. Yikes! If only you remembered the KISS bib, THE KISS BIB! How could you forget to bring the KISS bib?!

A bib is a must-have for infants and if you’re a parent, you’re already aware of this. You probably have a dozen or so stashed in every bag just in case the above-mentioned scenario occurs, and if so, bravo for you, because you never know. Although some may raise an eyebrow at the band’s trademarked baby items, feel free to point out that this little bib is nothing in comparison to your KISS coffin. Your special KISS Army member can show their (and your) pride with this red vinyl bib; the black logo printed on the front is accompanied by the lyrics from their most recognized tune: “I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE AND PARTY EVERYDAY.” Don’t we all? Make sure you’re hooligan never parties without this, or Gene Simmons will haunt your dreams.

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