‘Knack’ is a Co-op Playstation 4 Title that Lets Parents Support Younger Kids

knackWhen I heard that Sony Online Entertainment had demoed Knack‘s side-kick-style local co-op mode at Gamescom today, my first thought was “well isn’t that nice, the younger kid can tag along and help Dad out.” As it turns out, I missed the point completely.

Really, the supporting role is meant for the parent to play as five- to seven-year-olds battle their way through Knack‘s admittedly challenging campaign. As kids tackle evil goblins, a smaller, less powerful support robot played by a helper can engage enemies, collect items, and even give Knack some of his own health.

During the game, Knack discovers he has the ability to incorporate ice, metal, and other stuff into his body, which gives him new powers from level to level. Sony says the game is Crash Bandicoot meets Katamari Damacy and God of War.


The game features three difficulty settings, the easiest of which clearly has younger players in mind. The ability to ramp up the heat as young ones become more skilled makes the game a great way to train young minds to think like a gamer.

All throughout Knack’s development, Japan Studio has aimed to create a family-oriented game that would simultaneously entertain all gamers in the household. The devs even built a huge Dualshock to see what a Playstation controller feels like to an eight year old.


The game is among the titles scheduled to release alongside the Playstation 4 this fall. If it’s as slick, innovative and family-friendly as it promises to be, we’re sure you’ll hear us talk about it again after its November 15th release.

Fun fact: Knack was directed by PS4’s Lead Systems Engineer Mark Cerny and was created in part to show off what the PS4 can do.


  1. However, what about when we Vita owners are without a internet connection and would like to Gather parts to help Knack grow?

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