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Knight Role Play Costume Set

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One of the most important turning points in any parent-child relationship is that joyous day when your kids are finally old enough to join in with your LARPing group. What better way is there to bond with your progeny than by dressing up in costumes with them, heading to the nearest public park, and beating each other with foam swords for hours while arguing about who hit whom first?

Family cosplay is even easier than ever now with the Knight Role Play Costume Set by Melissa and Doug. With this costume, you can add another fighter to your party as you stalk the grassy fields of your local city park, battling other costumed denizens of the nerdy kingdom, slaying dragons, and saving fair maidens in distress (or fair princes in distress, if that’s your bent).

This costume set comes complete with a tunic emblazoned with the fleur-de-lis and sporting chain mail patterned hood and sleeves, a foam shield with matching fleur-de-lis emblem, and a foam sword.

Of course, for those of you who like to leave the live action role play to the kids, this costume will still make an excellent play-time accessory for your own knights errant as they engage in their own imaginary adventures.

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