Kobolds Ate My Baby! Super Deluxx Edition

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Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition

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Some of the best games started out as spin-offs from regular game systems. In this particular case, Kobolds have been considered weak fodder for adventurers to get experience points for so long, that the lowly kobold has been relegated to grunt-peon status. Well, no more! Kobolds Ate My Baby is a hilarious game; the object is to serve as many babies to the King of the Kobolds during his feast. Game play in KAMB is designed to be just as loud and rambunctious as the game itself; your kids will enjoy this the most when you’re all laughing and joking in good company.

The general idea is to create the most effective kobold possible, in order to gather more babies than your fellow hellions (and you likely already have experience competing against little hellions). Kobolds are given stats determined randomly via dice roll, and if a kobold doesn’t have the required stats to perform an action at the right time, it’s likely to end up on the dinner table, too.

Kobolds Ate My Baby features some ridiculous rules that only serve to further encourage chaos at your game table. If the name King Torg (All hail King Torg!) is mentioned during any point in the game, all players must chant the phrase “All Hail King Torg,” or risk having their kobold meet an untimely demise. Finally, a game that encourages your kids to yell. Brilliant.

It’s random fun like this that makes KAMB a blast to play, and it should find its way to your playgroup the next time your family feels like goofing around during game night.

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