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Don’t know where to find all your child’s secrets? You know, those love letters from class. Their secret stash of quarters you need for the laundry (we’ve all been there). Perhaps even that report card that mysteriously disappeared. Well, when you pick them up the Kranium, we’re pretty sure every secret is going to be placed right in here. The more you know.

Made from pine wood, this cool Kranium skull has a secret compartment for storing little knick knacks and treasures that only you and your kid will know about. It comes from Acne Jr, a very-cool Swedish toy company based in Stockholm that designs everything from bamboo dolls to tin can drums. Their ambition is to make traditional, iconic toys in a modern way, and we think they’ve achieved just what they set out to do.

It makes a great little addition to any child’s bedroom, especially if you’re going for a minimalistic look, with a touch of grunge of course. It comes in a cute little square skull box, so it’s also perfect for gifts. Grandma might think it’s a bit scary though, so just turn it around when she comes to visit—it can be your little secret.

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