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Labyrinth Anniversary Edition

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No matter how you look at it, certain movies aimed towards children can be a teensy bit scary–not that scary–but just a smidgen. Especially some of those made in the 80’s. Like Return to Oz, for instance, or Bambi. Fairuza Balk’s sunken-eyed rendition of Dorothy was on the same level of disturbing awesomeness as the dismal death of that innocent Disney deer. ET, too. That part where young, Drew Barrymore encounters the loveable terrestrial traveler for the first time is the stuff that nightmares are made of. It was that scream. That piercing, frightening alien scream. Just thinking about it invokes shivers and a need to hide under a blanket, but also invokes happy nostalgic childhood memories, too, because all those movies have a soft spot in all our hearts.

Kind of like Labyrinth, the 1986 Jim Henson fantasy film starring glittery golden child David Bowie as the King of Goblin City and the-always-beautiful-even-when-she-plays-a-heroin-addict, Jennifer Connelly. It’s obviously found its place in cinematic history as one of the most imaginative and artistic children’s films to date (as it should be). Watch as the M.C. Escher-inspired set designs and amazing achievements in muppet-ry come to life viewed through young, timid eyes; it will open up a new world they won’t want to get away from.

This highly recommended, anniversary edition of Labyrinth is chock-full of never-before-seen-footage including an in-depth documentary on the making of the movie, as well as a featurette about the cast of colorful, muppet characters. Watching Labyrinth is a tried and true test for determining if your little one will be ready for another Jim Henson classic, The Dark Crystal; which, like its predecessor, reinvented how cool kids movies could be. Share in the horror and the delight of a children’s classic with the little one you love the most. Give them the gift of David Bowie’s creepy wig.

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