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Lalaloopsy Doll – Ace Fender Bender

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Dinosaurs from the 1980’s have always considered Raggedy Ann and Andy as the greatest rag dolls of all time. But with the progression of the toy market these past twenty years, we have to face the fact that a newer raggedy doll may be more deserving of this title.

Ace Fender Bender, is one of several Lalaoopsy Dolls who apparently doesn’t take certain news well — sometimes. With a short fuse that you don’t want to set off, and a knack for anything Hank Williams or Loretta Lynn (or even some good ol’ Tiger Army), this rockabilly-loving fanatic also love taking things apart, but hates the process of putting it back together. Ace is a rag doll who was sewn from 50s style mechanic’s clothes, and therefore has taken on the personality of someone who desires to dismantle all that he sees.

Colorful, fun, musically-inclined and full of surprises, Ace and his pet grease monkey aren’t strangers to brand new adventures. I mean, wouldn’t you be excited if you magically came to life pretty much all the time? Of course you would. It would mean that everyday is a new day, full of new places to see, and new records to seek out. With his moveable legs, head, and arms, and clothes that are also removeable, Ace may not be your typical doll; but I’m pretty sure his raggedy nature, 50s style, and likeability-that-sometimes-borders-on-crazy demeanor will be the attributes that your little hellcats will find appealing and relatable.

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