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Lalaloopsy Littles – Specs Reads-a-Lot

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It’s important for little kids to have toys which (at least somewhat) represent them. So many mass-produced playthings project an ideal image of American standards of beauty and personality, probably not even close to what your kid is actually like. That’s why we fell in love with Little Specs.

Specs sports nerdy glasses, cute shorts with suspenders and a girly tie inspired by a school uniform. She’s a geeky doll that your mini-nerd can sympathize with—especially after a trip to the optometrist ends in glasses, and you’re faced with a self-conscious kindergartner. Lalaloopsy describes her as “a super-bashful, super-genius who loves counting things and collecting gold stars.” Glasses and a budding mathematician, what’s not to love? As a special nod to her intended owners, Specs’ “Sewn on Date” is March 14th (Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday).

At around 7” tall, the size of the Littles line of Lalaloopsy ensures they can be carried by small hands with ease (although the tiny worm will be hard to keep track of). She’s poseable with removable clothes and shoes (they sell cute PJs separately). The buttons for eyes remind us of another free-spirited, unique little girl: Coraline (only this time the buttons are cute rather than creepy).

Lalaloopsy is hailed as the new rag doll of America, launched in 2010 and made popular that same holiday season. Another Lalaloopsy doll offered is  Ace Fender Bender, a ‘50s style kid known for his engineering abilities, whose “Sewn on Date” is July 30th (Henry Ford’s Birthday). Mango Tiki Wiki is a Hawaiian girl, complete with a grass skirt and a pineapple bird. She’s a sassy conversationalist, whose “Sewn on Date” is May 2nd (also known as Play Your Ukulele Day).

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