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Lalaloopsy Mango Tiki Wiki

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Want to see your kid get totally obsessed over an inanimate object? We mean, like, totally obsessed. Obsessed like talking-about-them-in-their-sleep obsessed. Well, here it is. The Lalaloopsy Mango Tiki Wiki doll.

Seriously. If you haven’t heard about the Lalaloopsy world of dolls before, you’ve probably been living under a rock (how’s that going for ya?) or you didn’t have kids when the first craze hit (so why would you know about it? We’ll let you off the hook this time).

Waaay back in good ol’ 2010, Lalaloopsy-mania struck the world. Kids were going nuts over these “sew cute” dolls. For a good reason, too. They’re not ordinary dolls. No way! Dolls from Lalaloopsy land were once rag dolls, but came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Ok, so they don’t really come to life — you’re old enough to know that’s BS — but all the magic and whimsical wonder still surrounds these dolls, and Lalaloopsy Mago Tiki Wiki is just the beginning.

All too often, parents and kids find modern dolls to be impossibly shapely and overly suggestive, promoting unwanted self esteem issues. Lalaloopsy dolls are a breath of fresh air, since their design is appealing and creative without putting pressure on kids to grow up too quickly.

With a grass skirt, green button eyes and a sassy attitude, this cutie is one doll to keep your little one company all day and night. Mango Tiki Wiki is often a favorite of Lalaloopsy collectors because she’s the first doll with green colored eyes, and her tropical attire is a departure from normal Lalaloopsy threads. She’s such a great conversationalist, too. Just watch this piece of hard-hitting Oprah-like journalism from BubandBelle:

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