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Lambs & Ivy Rock ‘n’ Roll Rug

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he nursery is the sacred part of your home where your little babykins goes to rest their little head. It’s also a part of the home that bears signs that a baby lives in your house; all those toys, Whitesnake onesies, cloth books and skull-covered diaper bags kind of give it away. But the nursery, in any home, can be sprite with creativity, as you, the parent, can pretty much decorate in any which way you want.

The Lamb & Ivory Rock and Roll Rug is a cool, must-have for babies whose parents live and breathe music and who will undoubtedly pass this on to their child from birth. It’s for the baby whose mom put headphones on her stomach and (somewhat) blasted Morrissey and Lou Reed, or maybe some Sabbath or Floyd to ensure that said passing-music-on actually happens. The rug (which is one of many items available in a rock ‘n’ roll-themed baby collection) bears the image of a blue drum set and black stars for your shining star and is 100% organic and made from earth friendly dyes for parents who get nervous that it could be made from like, poison or something: venomous poison! Yow!

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