Le Tigre Romper

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Le Tigre Romper

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I once had a conversation with a friend about the possibility of a future Bikini Kill reunion. Thinking she’d be as excited as I was at this fantasy notion, her face drew an immediate blank that quickly turned to anger. “That would be terrible. Because it wouldn’t feel natural; it would feel forced. If they wanted to still be a band they would still be a band. But they’re not. The only reason they’d be doing it would be for the paycheck.” I wasn’t sad because she disagreed with me, I was sad because she was right. Some things that once were are never meant to be again no matter how much we want it.

At least when Kathleen Hanna shot a hole in the hearts of riottgrrls and riottguyz everywhere, she had a band on the backburner to help us transition from the comforting caterwauls of riottgrrl vocals with toughened tendrils of punk rock weaving throughout, to an unfamiliar realm with happy, upbeat, techno-pop and comforting caterwauls as well. Suffice it to say, it took me some time to get used to, but eventually, Le Tigre burrowed its way into my heart and I felt complete once again.

So allow your Riottgrrl-in-training to also feel complete with her very own Le Tigre Romper. This cotton one-piece baby number is rife with punk rock cred and the attitude and ferocity of the movement. Your little one will channel their way back to Olympia, WA, circa 1991 in no time, and you’ll be happy that your child might be the next Tobi Vail. What a cool parent you are.

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