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Leader of the Pack Wendy Doll

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Greasers were the badass versions of punks before punks knew what punk was. They defined what, decades later, Rocka/Psychobilly guys and gals wanted to dress like, and the specific musical time period they wanted to emulate. Causing uproars galore, the teens of the 1950’s rebelled against the status quo, ignoring the opinions of the conservatively-dressed/minded adults of the era and focused their attention on drag racing and “making it” on a hill in middle-America. They slicked back their hair in super cool pompadours and wore high heels and brothel creepers. They were true rock ‘n’ rollers who thrived off anything that featured a stand-up bass and Elvis, and embraced rock back when it was shiny and new; a generational pack that defied parental authority. As thoughts of greasers prompt images of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, we often forget about Natalie Wood (Jimmy’s love interest in RWC and fashion icon), who is one of the women you can thank for inspiring the style of dress that tatted chicks with bangs and skull-covered everything wear today.

Wendy, The Leader of The Pack doll from Madame Alexander, is the poster child of this retro style. Dressed in a red-and-white cropped gingham blouse, satin capris (oh la la!), red leather “skips,” and a black motorcycle jacket is hip to the times. For rebel-born belles who love dolls, Wendy is the perfect poseable figure to add to their collection. Now those Bratz and alterna-dollies who think they’re cool because they’re different may start to question whether they’re just a bunch of posers/normal girl toys, ‘cause with Wendy, she is who she is—just like your lil’ greaser diva—and she makes no apologies.

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