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Leap Frog Leap Pad Explorer

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Kids love toys that emulate grown-up-style tools. Twenty years ago, that frequently meant plastic, practical, and sometime sexist toys like Easy Bake Ovens and Playskool work benches. As geeks and nerds, we did grow up boys and girls alike to love baking (cupcakes!), but most of us have only a tenuous grasp on what some of those rough-handed construction tools were meant to do. Makers are the exception, of course – but a lot of us don’t know what a ballpeen hammer is for (protip: it’s for hammering and “peening”).

The tool of our generation is the computer, and as the computer evolves and changes, so too do the toys that emulate it. Enter the Leapfrog Leap Pad Explorer – a toy that mimics the look and feel of a tablet computer (mimic nothing – it IS a tablet computer), but is tough enough to stand up to child’s play.

The Leap Pad runs on AA batteries, and has 2 GB of storage. It comes pre-loaded with 4 games with over 100 available for download, and is suitable for kids aged 4-8 years. The Leap Pad also includes a built-in camera and microphone for taking both still pictures and video. The product manufacturer recommends registration for maximum utility, and this is apparently the only way to get new apps and games.

Bonus: Because you’ve been scratching your head since paragraph one – “Peening” is the process of working or shaping metal to improve its properties, such as malleability or hardness.

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