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Leapfrog TAG Junior Book Pal Reading System

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Kids who start reading early, read more; understand that reading earlier means getting a jump on the kids who wait until school. If kids get an early impression of reading as being something that everyone (like mom and dad especially) do casually, on a regular basis, then they will grow up unintimidated by books, and will learn to read quicker.

In other words, books are awesome, and kids need to learn that lesson right away.

The Leapfrog TAG Junior is a fun toy designed to get your kids into reading at an early age. We can’t always read aloud to our kids as much as we would like, and so this toy, which uses an optical scanner to decipher text and read it aloud, is the next best thing for the busy parent.

TAG runs on AAA batteries, and is suitable for kids aged 2-4 years. The Book Pal won’t read just any book, but it comes with one sample book, and Leapfrog has a substantial library available for purchase. Audio must be downloaded to the TAG Junior, but it has enough memory to store 5 books at once, which should keep your kid reading and playing for a pretty good stretch between downloads.

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