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Learn To Solder Kit

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Thirty years ago most household appliances and electronic devices could be fixed with some basic knowledge and a soldering gun. It was an art that is now being forgotten. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as practical to repair broken appliances as it used to be. Nowadays, it is much cheaper to replace the device. However, soldering is still a great hobby that can lead to an awesome skill set later on in life. Introducing, the Learn to Solder Practice Kit for beginners and amateur hobbyists.

This soldering kit comes with a 30W soldering iron, wire cutters, solder, and a European style siren. The kit is recommended for children ten and up and should be used under strict adult supervision. You can bet your child will relish in accomplishment when assembling a functioning circuit board. Make sure you have a 9V battery for the flashing siren.

This is a great starter kit for anyone interested in soldering. You’ll be able to teach your kid about all the components of a circuit board, such as how resistors function. Don’t worry, a manual is included. Before you know it, your kid will have a PHD in Electrical engineering and you can play video games all day in the retirement home.

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