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Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker Link Plush

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Kind of how butterflies can taste with their feet, very young babies explore the world with their mouths. They will stuff absolutely anything in their gob, leaving it behind in a pool of slobbery goodness once they’ve ascertained that something is either inedible or too large to actually cram in their pie hole.

As such, it is your duty as a nerd parent to ensure that they learn about the world from the correct places: video games! While they certainly won’t develop any sort of fine-tuned motor skills within the first couple months, there’s no reason you can’t set them on the right path with this plush Link doll. It’s cute, soft, squishy, and after Link has explored the caverns of your child’s mouth a few times, you can toss him in the washing machine without any serious consequences.

The website lists this guy as being intended for ages seven and up, a mystery to myself as I have witnessed my nephew chew on Link’s head like a zombie a number of times. Still, if you’re worried about it, you can place him out of reach until your little one comes of age and learns how to be the Legendary Hero of Hyrule (and has developed sufficient control of their thumbs to work a joystick).

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