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Lego American Gothic Art Print

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A print like this is open to interpretation: do you get this for your Lego-loving son in an attempt to pique his interest in art? Or do you get it for your art-loving daughter in an attempt to introduce her to the wonderful world of Lego?

Amazing attention to detail sets this print apart from other fan art – the gaunt face of the father gazing slightly over the head of the viewer, the vacant, distracted stare of the farmer’s daughter looking out wistfully beyond her dreary agrarian circumstance, and of course the iconic pitchfork representing hard work, agriculture, and industry. Even the buildings in the background have been faithfully reproduced: the red barn behind the farmer, and the yellowing house behind his daughter, porch flowers (symbolizing domesticity, apparently) and all.

The print is available in mini, small or medium and is ready for framing with a 1” border all around. Hang it with the other paintings and prints on your wall as a treat for the kids, or hang it in the playroom next to the toy box to bring a little high culture to brick-snapping construction sessions. This design also comes in iPhone cases and skins, stationary cards, or to really represent art in the play room, try the stretched canvas – plastic docent sold separately. (Compare this print to the original work of art by Grant Wood.) For more great Lego designs, check out Powerpig’s portfolio.

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