LEGO Architecture Studio: A Blank Brick Canvas


Just when LEGO seemed to be pushing itself toward more and more complex sets every day, they release a set that juxtaposes anything else you’ll see in the LEGO section: A huge box of stark white bricks with no directions at all. Sometimes the simplest things can be the best sources of inspiration.


The set will include a series of boxes and trays holding more than 1200 colorless bricks of different shapes and sizes along with a few clear pieces to use as windows. Instead of the specific and detailed directions that normally come with a LEGO set, you’ll find 272 pages of design inspiration interwoven with lessons on architectural theory.


To kick off the set’s release, Barnes and Noble stores around the country held events this past week where participants could discuss LEGO with architects and professional model-builders, and even had the chance to try out the set themselves in a building competition.


Image Credit: Allen Tran of

At $150 a pop, this set has a very specific audience of architectural enthusiasts in mind. But those families with kids interested in engineering or building design would get a lot of mileage out of the set, especially since it aims to teach architectural theory while opening the door to creativity.

Plus, how much fun would it be to spill the whole thing out on the table in front of the whole family and yell “Ready…set…GO!”

The set is rated for ages 16+, but if a kid is old enough to keep the LEGOs out of their mouth, they’re old enough to cozy up next to a big pile of bricks and let the juices flow.


Ruben Lott, 10, at the San Bernadino, CA Barnes and Noble event. Image Credit: Redlands Daily Facts

The LEGO Architecture Studio will hit retail outlets this Thursday, August 1st.



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