LEGO Beautiful and More Amazing Vehicles; Perfect Books For Any LEGO Maniac.

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We write a lot about LEGOs, mostly because they are the best quality building blocks on the market to develop your kid’s creativity. Recently, we covered the new MineCraft LEGOs that were just released. Previous to that, we wrote about No Starch Press’ new unofficial LEGO Build-It Series. Well, low and behold a few days ago we received the second book in the series and another gem titled Beautiful Lego. Two awesome books in their own right that you should seriously consider adding to your child’s library.


Let’s break them down separately. First, to our complete surprise, Beautiful Lego turns out to be a coffee table edition of the most amazing LEGO creations I’ve ever seen. About 263 pages of professional quality photos that will capture your family’s complete attention for quite some time. The creations in the book make me want to stop writing this review and start building. Children will be excited to flip through, while trying to recreate the different structures. The book is laid out in 31 chapters which divide the different designers and highlight their best works. Interviews with the creators are sprinkled throughout. Some of my personal favorites; Frog Dissection, Three Story Victorian with Tree, and Finder’s Keepers (Bilbo and Gollum).  All in all it’s a fantastic book, just keep in mind it is not a step by step builder’s manual. If you are looking for something your child can use to construct things then the next book is right up their alley.


The second book, More Amazing Vehicles, includes instructions for 10 LEGO models. From race cars to tractors this book does a superb job with illustrating all the detailed steps, including which pieces you’ll need. Remember, with the LEGO Build-It Book you’ll need to supply all the pieces. This most likely won’t be an issue if your kid already has a solid collection on hand. Rest assured, all the pieces are fairly common and the book’s author claims that if you already own the LEGO Creator Super Speedster (#5867) then you have all the pieces you’ll need. On a side note, there are websites like that will aid you and your children as you attempt to complete certain sets. Think of it as a super checklist.

Anyhow, back to the Build-It book, I’m thrilled with the quality. One thing I love about No Starch Press is that they don’t cut corners when it comes to publishing. Not only is the paper heavy duty, but the illustrations are wonderfully colorized. I’m very impressed with this ongoing series. My favorite vehicle in this volume is the Excavator. An awesome tractor with a moving arm and shovel. We’re eagerly looking forward to the next edition in the series.



Beautiful LEGO and More Amazing Vehicles can be purchased directly from No Starch’s website.


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