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Lego Black Flag Tee

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A recognizable band logo is important for successful image creation. Every year, big, corporate record labels spend cajillions of advertising dollars to ensure you, the listening consumer, recognize their rock band brand as easily as you would fire or water. That’s why whenever we come across pictures of dancing tie-dyed teddy bears, guns and roses, or giant red tongues, we’re automatically aware of what they represent. But many bands have achieved fame and logo recognition without the use of corporate marketing assistance. In the 1980s, punk and hardcore bands from LA (ie: Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, The Germs, X, and Fear) affixed memorable imagery to their names that crazy fans of that era (ahem) can instantly recognize.

Yet, one particular logo from the early LA punk scene stands out amongst the rest.

Drawn in 1977 by artist Raymond Pettibon, Black Flag’s four bar image of refusal undoubtedly serves as hardcore’s most memorable piece of iconography; an attest to the wonders of self-creation as a tool for fame and success. So why not adorn your child in a shirt that references punks past while spitting on the evils of greedy, corporate hooliganism at the same time? Since you can’t think of a valid reason why (because there is none), purchasing the Lego Black Flag Tee as your child’s next band shirt is smart thinkin’ on your part.

Combining the classic Lego design your child will love in the style of the Black Flag bars that they’ll hopefully love down the road—this tee is a history lesson disguised as apparel for punks who haven’t lost their baby teeth. As they grow older, those psychedelic teddy bears and multi-colored Phish stickers will make them giggle in comparison; not because they’re ridiculous, but because those bands have maintained their relevance when fizzling out 20+ years ago should’ve been their fate. Oh, corporate America, how you keep alive the things you shouldn’t just because you can. Touche.

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