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Lego Bowie Playsuit

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Living life in the suburbs can be a real drag. Just ask David Bowie. Born David Jones, Bowie was tired of the bland livelihood of his suburban upbringing and escaped the teenage wasteland he was bred in to pursue a musical career that would eventually push him to the tippity top of the British charts in the 1970s. First, before he was known as the glittery creature from another planet, David was a long-haired folk singer whose influence from American artists like Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground formed the plateau from hippie to seductive glam rocker. It also helped that his girlfriend pushed him towards the androgynous android with a love for Iggy Pop, but aside from those points, Bowie is the space alien with a glittery edge that’s touched generations for the past 40 years and counting….

The new generation of little ones turning themselves on to the power of the Bowie, because of their Ziggy-obsessed parents (YOU!), has lead to the creation of the Lego Bowie Playsuit. This ultra-cool suit of wonderful has everything that smaller glittery glam jammers want in a comfortable piece of clothing; it’s 100% “super soft” cotton, ethically crafted, machine-washable, and plastered with that uber-famous punk and space rock figure on the front, Lego-style. With a blue lightning bolt down his face, this 8-bit Bowie is destined to strike the heart of your child in a way that will keep them loving music and loving the alien until the end of time, or until he changes his image for the millionth time in his career.

Ermergerd! Look! It’s Bowie with no makeup! Crazy.

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