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LEGO City Space Shuttle

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After the recent Mars landing, there’s been a lot of buzz around space travel, and the potential for adventuring into the vast unknown. To continue our journey into space, we’re going to need a new generation of engineers who know how to build the best space shuttles. Better get those kids started early.

This 231-piece LEGO Space Shuttle set also comes with a LEGO version of the Hubble Space Telescope, which is designed to be released using a super-cool robot arm hidden within the cargo bay. Once assembled, the cargo bay doors can open and close, allowing the astronaut to be safely housed inside the spacecraft. Your kids can launch the ship into space, send it flying around the cosmos, let the astronaut out to fix repairs, or prep the satellite for orbit. Whatever they choose to do with the shuttle once it’s built, this LEGO spaceship is guaranteed to be a blast.

Did I mention it has a robot arm. A ROBOT ARM! How cool is that? Hold on.. I think I’ve said enough about it by now, so if nobody minds, I’m just going to go over here, where this awesome spaceship is…

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