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Lego Life of George

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Somewhere between an app, a playset, and a game lives George.

Lego Life of George comes packaged as a 140-brick Lego build set, so right from the start your kid gets a box full of Legos. Win!

Next, it’s an app – a game specifically. On your smartphone, George goes about his business and encounters all sorts of familiar objects: palm trees, briefcases, and so on. Whoever is playing then has to try to build those objects out of Lego bricks. There is a time limit, and points are awarded based on speed and accuracy.

Seeing the game in action is pretty convincing. The playset comes with a gridded backstop, and when your kid is done building, he or she places the completed Lego creation against that backstop and snaps a pick. Then the app judges the build and awards points.

There are several modes of play: player vs. player, player vs. clock, and gallery. The gallery mode lets your kid build his or her own Lego creations and then store them to a photo album. There are 12 levels and two difficulty settings (medium and hard): all provide hours of building fun – smart phone not included.

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