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Lego Lord of the Rings: Attack on Weathertop

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Few literary scenes evoke the horror of the attack on Weathertop from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “The Fellowship of the Ring.” It is truly one of the more terrifying moments of his Lord of the Rings series, replete with nearly unstoppable supernatural foes, isolation, and the realization that your one means of escape merely plays into the villains’ hands.

You can relive this scene with the Attack on Weathertop set from LEGO. This kit allows you and your kids to build a vignette of the iconic showdown between the burgeoning Fellowship and the wicked Nazgul in the ruined watchtower on Weathertop.

LEGO does, of course, take some dramatic license with the scene by its inclusion of a hidden flick missile launcher, which the purists out there will surely omit from the design, but does include figures for Aragorn, Frodo, Meriadoc, and two ring wraiths, tattered, black capes and all. The set also includes two horses, an assortment of weapons and, of course, the One Ring itself.

The ruins, once built, are hinged along the middle and can be opened , allowing for a variety of diorama configurations or play options. Show the hobbits bravely attempting to defend themselves from the evil minions of Sauron, or give Aragorn the included torch to drive the fiends off. Feeling amiable? Why not show the hobbits, Aragorn and the Wraiths enjoying a warm meal at the hearth inside the tower? The narrative possibilities are endless!

Whether you set this kit up as a static diorama, or use it to play out a memorable scene from the monolithic fantasy series with your children, this LEGO set is a great addition to any Tolkien fan’s collection.

Itching to relive the scene? Here’s a video:

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