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Lego Monster Game

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Legos: Minecraft before Minecraft ever existed. There’s a new rage amongst Lego-holics that adds an increased level of interactivity to the ever popular children’s toy. Creatively titled Lego Games (they must have stayed up all night thinking of that one), the basic premise is exactly what you would expect: a game is constructed via Lego building blocks, which can then be played much like any conventional board game. Imagine, if you will, that Ikea made a version of Monopoly. Players must first assemble the product before it can be used. It’s a neat little idea, combining a love of construction and creation with the need for competitive gaming.

This particular one in the series draws on the theme of spooky monsters (tying in nicely with Lego’s new Monster Hunter series): vampires and zombies and sentient pumpkin men are used as game pieces with the ultimate goal of lining up four of a player’s pieces in a row to win. The game is fairly short (20 mins per round), supports 2-4 players, and has an added layer of strategy in the form of a jumping spider. Seriously. The spider can be brought into play and it will knock carefully placed pieces from the board. One important note: like all Legos, the game has small bricks, so don’t give this one to children under three.

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