LEGO Space Will Properly Introduce Your Kid To Science Fiction


Space, was the final frontier back in the 80’s. I remember it well. Movies like ET, Star Trek, Star Wars and  Aliens made us fall in love with the black unknown. Most of you probably watched the Challenger disaster live on television. We all wanted to go to Space Camp. Not too mention getting “Astronaut” ice-cream at the local museum. Those were the days. NASA had funding, we were planning to build a space station and Hollywood loved extraterrestrials.

Good news folks, outer space is back. Just in the last few years we’ve seen a relaunch of Star Trek, a new Star Wars trilogy and NASA plopping robots on Mars. Our fascination with distant solar systems has spurned all kinds of new retro ideas from space themed nurseries to related song lists. Well, let me introduce you to this year’s must buy for your little astronaut, the Lego Space  Building The Future Book from No Starch Press.


Sure, we’ve covered these No Starch Lego books in the past. They’ve all been awesome, but this one is the best in my opinion. The 214-page hardcover book covers the past, present and even future of mankind’s space program. Written as a reference sourcebook, your kids will be fascinated with all the details of futuristic starships, robots and vehicles. The book does a superb job of mixing step-by-step Lego instructions with the fictional formation of the “Federation” and the eventual insurrection of Admiral Kazak and his telepathic aliens.


The book is not licensed by LEGO, but they are going to sell this awesome EXO Suit that is featured in the book. The publishers did a great job mixing sci-fiction with fantasy. There are chapters dedicated to just the technological advancements that engineering teams like the Inhospitable Climate Engineers have developed. Don’t worry, BSG fans will get a glimpse into pilots and the extravagant vessels they fly.

No Starch Press should pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job. From the Sputnik to aliens, if your child loves sci-fi and Legos this is a must have. You can purchase LEGO Space from No Starch Press.


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