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Lego The Lord of the Rings – Gandalf Arrives

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From the opening scene of the epic Fellowship of the Ring until the last moment when Gandalf and the elves sail west to be forgotten by time, there are few movies that can evoke such emotion or such a following as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Impressionable young children are sure to be affected the first time they ever sit down to watch the plot unfold, and, as children (and us nerdy adults for that matter) are wont to do, they will likely throw all their passions and energies into collecting every last thing that is related to Middle Earth and the tale of the Ring.

With a new series created by Lego you can nurture two of their slightly obsessive habits at the same time: building with blocks and collecting trinkets from the movies. This particular scene comes directly from one of the first moments in the film, when Gandalf the Grey is on his way to visit his old friend, Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End in celebration of his eleventy-first birthday. Once constructed, the scene includes a horse cart, some fireworks, and of course, Gandalf behind the reigns as he is harassed by a light-hearted Frodo Baggins. The toy is recommended for ages eight and up and comes with 83 pieces.

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