LEGO’s Motorized Base Kit: For the Big Kid in You


We’ve covered building products before, but the majority of them are for younger builders, and while many of them encourage abstract and critical thinking and experimentation, it’s sometimes better to have a building set that the older crowd can really dig into.

And so we have the Motorized Mechanisms Base Set from LEGO Technic. Right off the bat, you may have noticed that this set contains about 400 pieces. Your kids will need most of them, too, if they are intent on creating  up to 28 different mechanisms and models that this kit boasts. The Motorized Mechanisms Base Set is designed for kids who really want to build, not just make a model and be done with it.

Many of the machines that this kit allows are based on gearing mechanisms. It’s a broad concept, allowing for machines such as cars, pulley systems, lifts, turbines, pendulums and more. The base set comes with a full-color building instruction booklet, so your kids can study each of the individual designs, before striking out on their own and building whatever they can dream up — within the limitations of the pieces presented, of course. These machines are only augmented by combining them with additional kits, and there are add-on sets that take these concepts to a more advanced level, should you kids want to explore machines even further.

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