Let's Go Eat Some Pi

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Let’s Go Eat Some Pi Shirt

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A mathematical constant is a number which has a particularly interesting quality to it. Usually this number is a real number (by that, I do not mean it is fake), but the important part is that the number is significant in some way. One way to get a specific mathematical constant, like the one we will be discussing here, is to roll a circle around on its side for one full rotation, until it reaches its full diameter. You might think that would come out the same each time, but somehow, it doesn’t. This is how we get Pi. This phenomenon of a non-repeating pattern has fascinated mathematicians and scientists for centuries. The logical progression here, is that we make a joke out of it, and put it on our kid’s clothes, right?

These two calculators are hungry. While they’re not as starving as a supercomputer designed to calculate high-precision algorithms might be, they still have a bit of a sweet tooth. What better to crunch those numbers than some delicious Pi? If your kids are also fans of Pi (or pie), they can pick this shirt up in a variety of colors and sizes. There’s cherry, blueberry, blackberry, meat… wait, meat isn’t a color.

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