Let's Make Some Great Fingerprint Art

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Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art Book

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I have few vivid memories left of kindergarten, most of which are still with me because they are traumatic — like proving safety scissors aren’t all that safe by accidentally stabbing them into my hand for instance. One memory not born of sheer terror is one that PETA may hate, but that I hold near and dear. In art class we had a snail painting day. This is not painting slowly like a snail or painting the shells of snails (which would’ve been a questionable curriculum item in its own right). No, this is dipping actual snails in paint and letting them roam around on giant white sheets of paper.

I remember my snails went in (probably panicked) circles creating a huge muddy mess on my paper while stupid perfect Gretel’s stupid perfect snails made lacy designs in beautiful purple and blue. It wasn’t very nice to the snails and it’s sort of morbid, but I don’t fault the teacher. How many times can you have kids finger paint before you and they get too bored for words?

Laurence King Publishing offers a solution that is both different, and kind to gastropods. The mix of fingerprints, handprints, and blow painting in the book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art provides a surprising variety of creatures kids can create. They have the traditional hand turkey, but also have hand crows, hand lions, thumbprint aliens, and index finger dinosaurs. In addition to showing kids how to make animals using only their fingers, this book provides tips on using rubbish to create interesting markings to go along with their fingerprint masterpieces. The artwork, done by award-winning illustrator Marion Deuchars, will keep kids paging through the book even if they decide not to have inky fingers that day.

You can’t deny it, a tiger made with a fingerprint stencil in a jungle of Tupperware-print trees is much more interesting than plain old finger paint or snail paint for that matter.

The kids are happy. The parents are happy. The teachers are happy. The snails are happy.

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