Level 1 Human Hat

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Level 1 Human Hat

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There is something magical about filling out a fresh character sheet. It’s that moment when you draw your pencil down in a short tick in the space labeled “level,” and mark your character as an initiate in a great, exotic world. That simple gesture marks the beginning of a journey, and the excited anticipation of an untold story about to unfurl. Sure, there are more powerful characters out there, but their potential is already realized. There’s nothing new for them, no direction for growth. They’re weighted down by the baggage of a hundred tales and will never again experience the freedom and joy of untrodden paths. The past belongs to them; the future belongs to the newbie.

Such is the joy of creating your own initiate in the real world. Your child is at the beginning of their own journey. They are the hero of their very own epic, right at that moment when the pencil makes that first mark on the page. Unleash this unbridled potential by dressing your baby in a Level 1 Human beanie from Geekling Designs. This 100-percent cotton hat is ideal for infants, and a great way to keep them warm while celebrating the beginning of their journey.

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