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Level One Onesie

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Have you ever wished you could avoid the tireless grind when you pick up a new game? You’ve probably already leveled-up hundreds of characters throughout the years in hundreds of different games. Wouldn’t it be nice if that new game of yours recognized your previous dedication, and gave you a free pass? “Hey, We noticed that you put 200+ hours into that MMO. If you’d like to skip the grind and go straight to 50/80/99, press this button.”

Our little ones don’t have that experience, though. Like we all were at the beginning, our kids get to start at level one. Signify this with the cute Level 1 onesie, suitable for anyone who has recently entered the world. Your child has to start from the ground up, so you may as well announce that he or she is getting started on the grind early. Make sure your kid picks up some of those early fetch quests, like “Grab at the Cookies,” “Spit up on 10 Household Objects,” and “Burp out the Status Effect” so they can work towards leaving the starting hub as soon as they can.

Eventually your kid may grow up to become a daring hero, but for now, they’ll have to start out at level one.

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