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Licorice Black Lacettes

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The playground should be more like a goth club. Really, if you just painted the equipment black and blared some VNV Nation, it wouldn’t be too far off. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something akin to handlebars and swings at a club, but it was dark, so who knows? After turning everything black, you would simply need to dress all the kids in black lace, and viola, you would have that dark, mournful ambiance that makes everything, even standing around doing nothing, that much more resonant.

Thankfully, Huggalugs now sells black lacettes for the arms and legs of kids ages 1 to 6. Combine these with a cute black shirt and your gothling has a club-worthy outfit. Pair them with a skirt, and she’s dressed up to go to grandma’s house. (The lacettes have rows of ruffles, making them qualify as dressy.) They even come with a little lace bag so you can easily store them while your child plays in a puddle, and then put them back on her once she dries off.

The newest fashion for kids is the leg warmer, so take this spin on an old eighties favorite to show off your little rocker’s style.

To get you in a full Goth mode, we’ve included a little Sister’s of Mercy for your viewing pleasure:

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