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Lil Devil Hat

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Handsome little devils and devilettes deserve a devilish little hat to wear upon their heads, indelibly, that’s red and likened to their devious little personalities. And thanks to products such as the Lil Devil Knit Hat by the do-gooders over at Sourpuss Clothing, the work of the devil may now be performed on the top of your child’s head.

Beware- this might include carrying out orders to feed them candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or allowing them to ditch school because somehow they’ve convinced you that school is for squares (a designation you’ve never once had bestowed upon you).

But aside from playing out orders from that handsome devil, Lucifer, the Lil Devil Knit Hat, when you actually see it for the first time, is really the most adorable looking piece of headwear (possibly) ever. With a tiny, kitty-like devil face, and tiny horns to match, the red knit cap also includes black pom pom strings attached to the bottom ear flaps. While this provides something to smack their little siblings upside the face with, it also gives them something cool and unique to wear when it’s chilly out, or even when it feels like it’s hundreds upon hundreds of degrees on a summer’s day—kinda like the temp in Hell.

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