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Lil Terror Kid Wallet

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The end of the 1990’s sadly signified the death of pretty much everything cool. Music lulled, baby doll dresses were hung up, and discmans became the new 8-track. The end of an era was coming into play and the unfamiliarity of the 00’s loomed mysteriously in the distance.

But of all the things and places representative of that wonderful decade, the mall was, by far, the alpha and the omega of 90’s culture. Young’uns flocked there like hipsters to Pitchfork, and Hot Topic was actually considered an “edgy” place to shop. It was a congregation of the socially awkward and the socially inclined under one roof; appreciating each other’s differences via eye rolling and finger flipping. Yet, sadly, with the advancement of technology, the mall’s indigenous tribe of mallrats, rapidly declined. Purchasing music and whatever else your selfish heart desired was right at your fingertips, and socializing with friends didn’t require a ride from your mother.

In keeping with the memories of the nineties (save for embarrassing mom moments), the biggest fashion trend of the time is now available for your mini-mallrat with the Lil Terror Kid Chain Wallet from Sourpuss Clothing. A smaller-sized chain wallet for your pint-sized guy or gal, the black, canvas backdrop is perfect for the creepy webbed eyeball image shown on the front and even recalls graphic image designs from early-nineties skateboards. And by sporting this throwback to a time when JNCO Jeans were a thing and the lower the chain on your wallet equaled the bigger the badass, the dream of nineties mall culture will be alive with your tots, and the spirit of what it was that made it special will cater to any parent who prefers Daria and My-So-Called-Life over whatever tv show is relevant today.

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