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Linden Sneakers by Faguo

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Fashion alert! You’ve got a trendsetter in the family. Don’t laugh it off—this is serious business. The way your little one presents themselves outside means all the difference between an F and an A+ (in the fashion department). So forget about equipping your mini go-getter in a pair of raggedy old sneakers when it’s time to hit the urban art gallery. Your kid needs shoes that scream cool, that shout funkalicious, that yodel with nerdy-but-not-too-nerdy vibes. Got it? We think we’ve made our point.

So steer your eyes over to Smallable and check out the Linden Sneakers in Camel from French company, Faguo (which, oddly enough means “France” in Chinese). An environmentally-minded brand, Faguo means business when it comes to footwear and the Linden model is just one of the styles (you and) your child will fall in love with.

The shoe is made from leather and suede leather (so smooth), with a rounded toe, lace closing system (sounds fancy, right?), striped fabric on the inside (this IS fancy), plus everything anyone would want on the side of their shoe—a coconut button.

Completely cool (too cool for us to wear, no doubt about it) and modern (but keeping that slightly retro feel), these shoes will up your offspring’s cool factor by a zillion percent (or in that vicinity, anyway).

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