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Linked Print By Jolby

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Have you ever wondered where Link stores all of his gear while traveling across Hyrule in search of any number of objects, including Triforce pieces, pendants, maidens trapped in crystals, map parts, or sacred flames? He doesn’t have a backpack on him, so that’s ruled out.

We could get into more complex theories, like whether or not vacuum sealing existed in Hyrule, but at the end of the day, Link still has too much stuff, and nowhere to put it all. It’s a good thing he had all of it, though, because the Link’s adventures wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable without them. Without the Hookshot, we’d still be standing on the wrong side of a bridge on Death Mountain; without the Fire Rod, we’d still be trapped in the Dark Lost Woods, unable to rescue one of the Seven Maidens; without Navi… well, you get the idea.

This 12”x16”, full-color, Giclee print was designed and signed by Jolby. Featuring many of the most recognizable items from the Legend of Zelda series in an interesting, abstract style, this “Linked” print is sure to add a touch of nostalgia to any room. If your little gamer hasn’t yet started his or her own adventure with this classic series, maybe now is the time.

Time? Get it? Forgive me, I ran out of barely decent Zelda puns after the first paragraph.

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