Linkology Human Body Card Game

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Linkology Human Body Card Game

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Linkology is an award-winning series of card games based on making connections between various items. This set, the Human Body Card Game, focuses on different parts of the human body, allowing kids to connect cards such as the word “organ” to other cards like “heart” and “brain.” This helps teach your children more about the systems we all share inside us.

However, Linkology is not just for teaching, it’s also a fun game. Players take turns matching (or “linking”) words and parts to each other, placing cards on top of a face-up stack. Each player has five different cards to work with at all times, except when someone gets close to matching up their cards. The game is over when a player has matched all their cards to other cards. Simple enough, but the game is fast-paced; so while your kids are quickly figuring out which parts of the body correlate with each other, they are also making rapid-fire connections in their brains which reinforce their ability to memorize the body’s classification patterns.

The Linkology Human Body is an excellent game that takes only a little time to play, but your kids will love every minute of it.

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