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Lion-O’s Cereal T-Shirt

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For your daily dose of clever cartoon homage, look no further than this ThunderCats design for kids’ shirts and onesies! Having fun with the “O” in “Lion-O,” this reinterprets the red-maned hero from the classic 80s cartoon as the mascot of a breakfast cereal. He fits right up there with Tony the Tiger, grinning happily alongside the enthusiastic caption, “They’re Thunderlicious!”

One does have to wonder who would win in a fight between the two. I’ve always held somewhat of a grudge against lions for their ownership of the honorific “King of the Jungle.” They don’t live in jungles. The males do nothing. And worst of all, they’re hardly bigger than tigers, who, like many nerds, shy away from groups, surviving off their own wits. And Tony is definitely one cool tiger, with a baritone voice everyone knows.

But this is Lion-O we’re talking about, Lord of the ThunderCats! He already won out over a tiger, his second-in-command Tygra (a rivalry that is more pronounced in the 2011 reimagining). He has a thunderous shout of his own, not to mention a magical Sword of Omens – a promised prize in this fictitious cereal box, making this the true breakfast of champions! Unfortunately, your kids can only wear it, not eat it, but at least it comes in several colors and sizes. And if that’s not enough ThunderCats hilarity, check out this MAD TV skit:

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