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Lion Tea Towel and Sewing Project

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Gone are the days when kids yearned for flashy, battery-operated toys. Your nerdy little nugget doesn’t need all those bright lights and neon colors to keep them entertained. What’s needed is simple: the Animal Tea Towel and Sewing Project from Bouf!

With this little lion gem, kids can either help their folks dry those dishes (ha, right) or get crafty and create their very own stuffed toy with a few snips here and a few snips there. Not only will you be giving your tot a creative outlet, but you’ll be teaching them (yes, YOU will be teaching them) the fine art of sewing (and the fine art of quiet activities—ah yes, peace and quiet again!).

It’s printed in the UK on 100% organic cotton and while the tea towel’s dimensions are 70cm x 48cm (that’s 27” x 18” for us Americans), when/if your kiddo decides drying dishes isn’t in their future, the finished lion will have a height of 31cm (12”) if all goes according to plan! It should–the tea towel has simple step-by-step instructions; so as long as you know how to take instruction, all will be right with the world and you and your kid will create a masterpiece worth writing home about.

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