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Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along

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A song with the lyrics “you say I only hear what I want to… I only hear a negative no, no, no” could be a two year-old’s anthem, so it makes sense that that 90’s sensation and nerdy eyewear connoisseur Lisa Loeb has released a combination book and album for kids. Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs includes both well-known tunes (think beloved songs from summer camp) and originals. Loeb and illustrator Ryan O’Rourke have included recipes for definitely not disappointing pancakes, instructions for making caterpillars out of drinking straw wrappers, choreography and many other activities geared towards getting kids to peel their eyeballs away from the multitude of available screens. That sounds hypocritical coming from someone who spent countless hours watching the pop-up music video for Loeb’s #1 single “Stay” while her mother told her to do her math homework for the fiftieth time. But stick with your hypocrite of a writer for just a minute.

Loeb has done a fantastic job of actually inspiring my fellow screen addicts to get off their butts. She also has been nice to the grown ups. These are not “This Is the Song that Doesn’t End” kinds of camp songs. Guaranteed you will get weird looks as you sing to yourself about a sub par pancake’s triumph as a catcher’s mitt, but you can comfort yourself by remembering that you and your kids are so much cooler than that mom over there rolling her eyes (just as her shouting three year-old gets to “and they’ll continue singing it forever just because!”).

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