Little Angry Toys from Symbiote and Bethesda


Look at your kid’s toy collection. They’re a bunch of grinning idiots, right?

If you’re tired of playtime involving way too many rainbows, unicorns and Army men who are entirely too pleased with themselves, we’ve found the exact thing your toy shelf needs – really pissed off little vinyl toys with huge anime-style heads.


At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Symbiote Studios came with a new collection of adorably angry figures created in partnership with Bethesda Softworks. Symbiote’s collection was certifiably nerdy before, but now it includes awesome characters from some of our favorite Bethesda games like Doom, Quake III and Skyrim.

2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives


This Space Marine Doomguy commemorates the 20th anniversary of the original Doom, the title hailed as the game that launched the now-massive FPS subculture. There’s no question; this brooding little guy has what it takes to battle through the minions of hell.


If you’re into Nordic lady assassins, the leader of Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood is right up your alley. This fiercely adorable little Astrid comes ready for silent killing and quest-giving, complete with her own little blade of woe.


This Elder Scrolls V Dark Elf dons Daedric Armor, which is the heaviest, awesomest armor a player can hope to wear in the Elder Scrolls series. The ancient, legendary armor can only be crafted at night using a Daedra heart. Creepy.


You’re not allowed to be in Symbiote’s Bethesda line unless you’re a complete and utter badass, and Quake III’s Phobos is no exception. After bravely saving the day in a massive battle against a bunch of demons, the poor little guy was betrayed by his superiors who just wanted to watch him die.

How does he feel about that? His face says it all.

Other Little Angry Things from Symbiote


Wouldn’t it be fun to make your own little custom angry guy to go with your other figures? He can carry or wear accessories from all of the other figures, so you could even make your own hero from Skyrim and dress him in Daedric Armor.

Or you could just make an angry version of yourself to set on your kid’s nightstand to keep ‘em in line.


Don’t worry, Zombie Panda is a vegetarian. “Bamboooo.”


Symbiote also makes a line of figures after the weird Here Comes Dr. Tran short that premiered at the 2003 Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation, which has since gone viral on YouTube.

In the series of shorts that came after, five-year-old Dr. Tran hilariously and angrily objects to the announcer’s descriptions of him as a very violent American film star.

Here’s the first of the Dr. Tran series, don’t watch it at work.

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