Little Bird: A Retro Kids’ Clothing Line by Jools Oliver

rainbow tee

This past month, Jools Oliver (wife of celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver) unveiled her second collection for the Little Bird line, and it’s unabashedly and deliciously 70s-rific. The collection will be sold exclusively though

Clashing prints and playful color combos make it feel updated, but there’s no doubt about the nostalgia button this line is aiming to hit. “My designs combine both quirky and classic style inspired by my childhood memories,” Oliver, mother of four explained. “The collection features nostalgic, classic pieces, sprinkled with unique touches and playful attention to detail.”

Rainbows are the defining aesthetic in the collection, and even though I’m more of an 80s kid, I definitely remember sporting quite a few of these fashions. Take this rainbow belt, for example.



dw_badge_template2_new (1)

And where else can you get a windbreaker lined with rainbow trim?

dw_badge_template2_new (2)

Just so cool.

dw_badge_template2_new (4)

Anyone care to have a guess as to which year the line took the most inspiration from? Anyone?

dw_badge_template2_new (3)

The line also features great cords and pants for boys and skirts for girls.

dw_badge_template2_new (5)

This bunny t-shirt is definitely having a Watership Down nostalgia attack. Read and watch that with your older kids, by the way, it’s fantastic.


There are many other great pieces in the collection, but I saved my favorite for last: The rainbow puffy vest. Aw, yeah.

dw_badge_template2_new (6)

The line also features newborn clothes, nursery décor, and gift items. Most of the 70s flair is in the kids’ section, though.

It’s “inspired by those last few days of the summer, the low afternoon sun and the joys of playing outside,” Oliver says of this year’s line. “The parties, building camps, forging friendships and creating happy memories.”

Jools, something like this?

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