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Little Dudes On Bikes Print

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Ah the age-old conundrum: how does the bike enthusiast design a room for their bike enthusiast progeny?

Sure, there are the pint-sized yellow, white, green and polka dotted jerseys in his closet. There are plenty of bikes in the garage, spare room, hallway… and kitchen. But there’s always the problem of what to do with the walls. Keeping that signed picture of Lance Armstrong winning his seventh tour may have become a question of taste and parenting skills.

So what should you do with the now sadly blank space it used to occupy? You could go chasing down a new print of 2012 winner, Bradley Wiggens, but let’s be honest, that thing is going to cost several hundred dollars for the foreseeable future. And besides, you’re not sure that the kid who’s currently decorating the frame of his newest ride with a chalk rock he found in the neighbor’s yard and a substance that may or may not have come out of the dog would appreciate that type of artwork anyway.

Instead combine bike love with whimsy and get this Little Dudes on Bikes print from myplasticheart. This 11×14 giclée print goes beyond the penny farthing to imagine bikes that look more like crazy straws. These tiny bikers sit atop bikes that have hamster wheels, loop-de-loop frames and extra-long banana seats. These are the kind of bikes that could only be dreamed and fit into a littlest cyclist’s abode perfectly.

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