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Little Labs: Stepping Into Science

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Even a casual glance at this product will show you that there’s more to this science kit than your average experiment. There’s so much packed into this one little box. Instead of buying a full kit in order for your kid to do one paltry science experiement, why not break the mold, and do them all?

Little Labs: Stepping Into Science has 25 different scientific experiments right out of the box. The experiments vary across five categories (air, water, physics, biology, and chemistry), so there’s always something new and practical to learn from this set. For example, your kids can learn about plant growth, static electricity, air pressurization, evaporation, and much more.

Included with the kit is a 48-page, full-color guide book featuring instructions and illustrations that help bring each of these experiments to life. All follow the scientific method in an easy to understand way, so the principles that your kids are learning are both fun and practical. Once they have had fun learning about sundials, or have built a barometer, just move onto the next experiment, or space them out, and save a few for later.

Little Labs: Stepping into Science is a great kit for real-life science experiments; one your children will love while learning.

Here’s a reminder of how you might have learned a few things about science back in the day:

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