Little Librarian Kit

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Little Librarian Kit

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Once upon a time, reading was an activity that required thought and action; it brought hope and longing, and sometimes disappointment. First, you contemplated which book you wanted to read. If you were lucky enough to live close to the library, you could expand your literary wish list up to three or four books, or as many as you could carry home. You waited all week until Saturday, when your mom could take you to the library. Then you scanned those shelves slowly, savoring every moment until you found the title you wanted. The worst thing in the world, at least that day, was when you realized the one book you craved to read had already been snatched up by some other child.

If any of this rings a bell, or if you just want to teach your child to respect, cherish, and organize his or her books, you need to own The Little Librarian Kit. The kit cleverly replicates the old-school library experience, while giving your children a way to organize and keep track of their favorite tales. It includes 7 file folders, 15 book pockets and book cards, 4 library cards, 4 reading awards, 2 bookmarks, 1 reading journal, and 6 overdue slips (so don’t even think about borrowing your child’s copy of The Hunger Games longer than a week).

Aside from the obvious adorable factor, the Little Librarian Kit is wonderful because it encourages your offspring to borrow and share books with friends, and maybe even start his or her own book club. A library devotee and mom can dream, can’t she?

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